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So, you want to join the Legion!

Joining the Legion is a rather simple affair.Membership is open to
all persons 16-60+ who are in good health and love to reenact history.
We especially welcome all Native Americans and Cherokees to the Legion
as they served with us long ago in infantry and cavalry capacities.
The Legion usually tries to have one meeting a month during the year.
There is also one event per month, May through October, plus numerous
side events such as school presentations, parades, living history
camps, memorials at cemetaries here in the Denver area for fallen
Confederate soldiers, and TV/movie shoots to name but a few events.
We usually expect our members to do at least(we do require this)
three to four events per year to be considered active members. We 
do not penalize you for having a life outside of the Legion-It is
expected that you do! We are also rather tolerant of those who have
present ties to other reenactment units but we ask that you not try
to mingle any such obligations. The Legion is her own entity, NOT
an offshoot! We also ask that if you are artillery or cavalry that
you check beforehand as to whether or not your impression is feasible.
The Legion did have all three branches in its organization historically
but today's Legion is, at present, mainly infantry and dismounted cavalry.
We don't mind horsemen or cannoneers but you need to find out if you
can bring your four-legged Pard or your field piece(If you got
one).This is not to discourage, merely to inform as the liability 
associated with these impressions is considerable.Please also note that
the transportation for such things would be up to you then,too.  
 Of course, if you live in Colorado joining is easy. We
also welcome out-of-state members but remember that the meetings
are held in the Denver Metro area. If you live in Wyoming, Nebraska,
Kansas, New Mexico, or Utah it may be a hike but it's worth it if
you want to wear gray! Please try to attend as many meetings as you
can for the information, planning, and drill sessions. You'll also
get concrete answers to your questions about uniforms and equipments.
Below is a uniform and equipment list for those of you interested in
finding out what we require as far as that is concerned. Reenacting
is NOT cheap, but it is ultimately rewarding! Welcome to the Legion! 

Uniform and Equipments(Cooters)

The following items are requested to be purchased within two years of
initial enlistment:

Shell jacket-medium grey, 7 button(CSA or NC star),late war
(Early war pattern requires black (state militia)trim.

Trousers-sky blue wool kersey, infantry pattern. Your Yankee pants
will do just fine!

Forage cap- medium grey, McDowell or regular brim. Hat brass of
infantry bugle and company letter "I" is OPTIONAL.

Waistbelt-enlisted man's black or russet leather with either CS or
NC one-piece buckle.Upside down US also acceptable

Cap pouch- black, state-issue pattern.

Cartridge pouch and sling- black without US plate or baldric. CS
plate is, again, optional.

Musket-Enfield '53 or '58 pattern with bayonet,scabbard, and belt frog

Boots or Brogans- Boots-Cavalry pattern black or brogans-roughout
black or russet.

ETC.- Suspenders, civilian 3-4 button-placket shirt, wool socks,
underwear of muslin(optional)

Haversack- Either Federal tarred or Confederate canvas with mess
equipments of- 9" mess plate, wood  or bone-handled knife and fork,
fiddleback tablespoon, and 12 oz. tin cup (You will drink that much!)

Canteen- Smoothside or bull's eye canteen with wool cover and linen
sling and attached cork. This is required equipment!

Poncho-For the rain and sleeping groundcover.

OPTIONAL CLOTHING- Infantry pattern greatcoat, medium grey. Wool mitts
or gloves. Bandannas are permissable if hidden.

DISMOUNTED CAVALRY- Please see the "Cherokee Braves" page.

Join the Legion by Mail or E-Mail!

If you want to join the Legion now, simply send us either an
e-mail message or letter with your name, address, phone(home &work)
to Corporal Milner and he'll process you in. You'll get instructions
and directions to our next meeting plus a hearty "Welcome Aboard!"
Please be sure to mention any prior reenactment experience in your
letter.  Thank You!

Send your information to:

Corporal Robert Milner
Thomas' North Carolina Legion
8033 West Spanish Peak
Littleton, CO   80127

Or e-mail Bob at:

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